old fashioned smoked bbq

The Process

Here at Papa Turney’s, we smoke our meat the old-fashioned way. We believe that our famous barbecued meat, like life, is best enjoyed slow and purposeful, with a little extra love. Miss Zeke adds love to every homemade sauce she makes. She’s my sweetheart and I love doing this life with her, enjoyed the front row at our barbecue and juke joint. My name is Mike Turney, but you can call me Papa Turney, everyone else does. You might see me tending our old-fashioned meat smoker, playing my guitar, or chatting with our customers. At Papa Turney’s we believe our customers are just family we haven’t met yet. If you haven’t visited us yet, please be sure to pay us a visit. We’re kind of hard to miss. We’re located right by the Nashville Shores Marina. You can see the water from our balcony! Miss Zeke and I would love to meet you. Stop in and hear famous live blues bands singing about life, bite into some mouth-watering hickory-smoked barbecue, and enjoy the view from the Marina. You won’t regret it.

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