thursday special: All You can eat fried Catfish

Fried Catfish with baked beans and coleslaw. Only $19.95 per person. Valid on Thursdays only. No takeout or sharing plates.

Papa Turney's Meets Jhett Black

Papa Turney's Jhett Black_web_image_0620

Jhett Black is a southern gothic artist, who plays the guitar with power and grit accompanied by a bass, baritone voice. A self-taught musician, Jhett Black bring passion to every performance. Inspired by underground folk rock bands like, Gleewood, he was able to find his sound and gain more experience From this experience, Jhett performs with his strong soulful gospel roots, foot stomping rhythms and slide guitar.

Below is a video where Jhett Black visits Papa Turney’s and interviews the owner, Mike Turney. Both Mike and Jhett share their passion for music, guitars, and the blues. Together Mike and Jhett jam to the blues rhythm, 12 blue bars, while enjoying the comfortable atmosphere at Papa Turney's.

To learn more about Jhett Black, please visit his website, and Facebook.

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